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Employees with better instincts on how your organizational data changes with decisions made, will make better future leaders.

Honing such instincts needs behavioral transformation, especially in experienced and successful executives. Classroom trainings and other conventional methods of development are usually highly ineffective.

An effective fail-safe alternate is an immersive gamified and interactive virtual environment. Here, your future leaders are encouraged to plan, analyze data, collaborate and make decisions to achieve simulated yet realistic organizational targets. 

An interactive virtual environment that builds and maintains traceability - between future business outcomes, the strategies for achieving them, the appropriate leadership behavior and situational responses necessary for the success of those strategies.


Cymorg brings that virtual environment to your organization - assessing and developing your future leaders' organizational decision-making instincts, using highly contextual gamified simulations and backed by behavioral analytics.

Fostering collaboration, competition and coaching, Cymorg enables future leaders' decision making instincts with a common understanding of your organizational imperatives, strategies and core values.