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Behavior is a product of the person and the situation.

Competencies are combinations of knowledge, skills and abilities. They manifest as behaviors. 

Behaviors are the result of both person-specific and situation-specific influences. Cymorg incorporates this idea into how competencies should be measured.

Using inputs from organizational experts and behavioural scientists, we study decision-making behavior in highly realistic organizational contexts to create user competency profiles.



Cymorg is a digital platform for dynamic, gamified simulations.


The very things that make it unique - contextual realism, dynamism and a holistic experience - also provides opportunities for valuable analytics and measurement insights.

At present, Cymorg provides descriptive analytics, based on sound theoretical and rational frameworks.


As we collect more data and leverage decision science and analytics to further advantage, Cymorg will incorporate predictive and prescriptive insights, realizing the full promise of measurement in this complex new world.


Different Angles. Different Levels.

Competency Profiles: conceptualizing and scoring behavioral competencies as complex products of person-situation interactions.

Information Processing Insights: harnessing ‘paradata’ (i.e. clickstream, choice patterns, time taken etc.) to provide insights into decision-making processes.

Communication Indices: using within-simulation interpersonal behavior and paradata to create collaboration or advice-seeking indices.

Group Level Analytics: providing trajectories of change within and across games to assess group-level patterns of behavior and trends over time.