• Conventional methods
  • Cymorg
  • Detailed insights at group & individual levels
    Not just competency scores but reasons behind scoring
    Ability for coaches to annotate report with comments
    Trending across time
  • Non-disruptive
    Immersive, Engaging, Dynamic, Adaptive
    Holistic, Realistic, Practical, Relevant
    Solo & Group Experience options
  • Configurable to org context
    Personalizable for specific sub-groups
    Easily linked to org’s own content
    Authoring & Admin access provided
  • On the cloud-elastic, load-balanced
    AI / Chatbot-enabled
    Core Engine embedded with M/L
    Supports seamless Single Sign-On authentication
  • No explanation for scoring except statistical benchmarks
    No support for coaching or mentoring
  • Scripted, artificial, follows set pathways
    Theoretical, not contextual, one for each sub-topic
  • Off the shelf
    Not personalizable
    Not easy to link with content
    No authoring module provided
  • Legacy Technology
    Requires physical presence of trained observers
  • Leadership development training
  • Future of work
  • Gamified Business simulation