• Training HR Executives
    Training HR Executives

    The job of the HR manager is not an easy one to play, or train people for. Employee crises come in various shapes and sizes, and it is the job of the HR manager often to balance three different priorities

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  • Complex Client Management Situation Judgment
    Complex Client Management Situation Judgment

    Services companies often have to train their frontline employees in taking care of irate or demanding clients, tough deadlines, stressed-out teams and so on.

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  • General Management Training for Specialist Leaders
    General Management Training for Specialist Leaders

    Specialists - in technology, engineering, mathematics, accounting, medical sciences, or any other field - start out their careers in getting better and better at their field of specialization.

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  • Employee development
    Accelerated Onboarding

    When a new employee joins the salesforce of an organization, they need to undergo an induction process, even when they have prior sales experience at a different organization.

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  • New hire training
    Grooming managers for higher roles

    Higher roles come with greater glamour and pay, and visibility to more information: which is why almost every employee aspires for them.

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  • succession planning
    Sales Transformation

    There are three kinds of organizations in the world. The first is the kind that drives and leads industry change, with their market innovations.

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  • Collaboration training
    Cross-Functional Collaboration

    No salesperson is an island. In any B2B organization, a successful sale involves well-choreographed coordination between the sales team and several internal and external stakeholders.

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  • Leadership development training
  • Future of work
  • Gamified Business simulation