General Management Training for Specialist Leaders

New hire training

Specialists - in technology, engineering, mathematics, accounting, medical sciences, or any other field - start out their careers in getting better and better at their field of specialization. Over the next few years, they are acknowledged as experts in the field, and are respected by clients, peers and managers for their acumen, and their responsibilities grow within their field. At some point, they reach the inflection point where the next promotion would require them to develop some broad understand of the organization, outside of their field of expertise. They may need to understand budgeting, or the ability to track and manage large teams. Alternatively, they may need to get better at making marketing, or investor presentations. Or they may be expected to contribute to the plans for continued growth and profitability of their unit. This is the point at which many specialists stagnate - because there is no adequate way of enabling them to acquire these management skills.

One of our clients uses Cymorg in a novel way to train a group of Engineering PhDs on what it means to become a general manager in the organization. The scenarios used tested their ability to handle ambiguity, communicate strategy, demonstrate emotional intelligence, and other traits identified as necessary for success at the next level.

Cymorg is a safe place to try out new ways of behaving, without the risk of failure, loss or embarrassment. Over time, the specialists became very aware of the scenarios that they had trouble with, the competencies that they would have to get better at.

  • Leadership development training
  • Future of work
  • Gamified Business simulation