Grooming managers for higher roles

New hire training

Higher roles come with greater glamour and pay, and visibility to more information: which is why almost every employee aspires for them. But what is less obvious is that with higher roles come more complexity, more conflicting priorities, more stakeholders and risks to manage, and more moving parts that cannot be controlled. Many employees have no way of telling if they are ready for these additional responsibilities, until the day they have them. So every year, organizations take thousands of successful, motivated professionals and turn them into incompetent and miserable managers. This is disastrous for both the organization and the individual.

Cymorg simulations put employees (virtually) in higher roles and allows them to try their hand at it in a safe sandbox environment. We model both the heightened powers and the amped up pressures of the role, allow participants to experience both and take decisions under more ambiguity than they have ever done before. It also fosters greater engagement and advocacy levels among participants, as they begin to get a first-hand appreciation of the difficult choices and compromises their managers need to make on a daily basis. Analytical reports from the experience provide insights as to whether the individual is right for the next role, and whether the role is right for the individual.

  • Leadership development training
  • Future of work
  • Gamified Business simulation